Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Intelligence weds Ignorance, breeds Intolerance

Only One ? - wondering who won?
Do you feel intolerance growing in the world you live in? do you find people driving on the road showing more negligence or impatience? Do you feel hate breeding in the newspapers? more cynical comments on the web, less appreciation? yes? or No? Ok you may be living in LA or NY or crossing the Big Ben everyday to work or in Mumbai eating chat or gobbling the masala beans at the Madras Marina. Never mind, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, can you just pause for a minute to review your world? A little bit more pause say 5 minutes of your precious time? - Am sure many times you have felt sad, bad or even discussed in vain with your friends on many such issues, and hey the common reply would be 'hey just let go...huh.. there is nothing we can do about it". 
The world is too busy with the three F's - Finance, Food and Fashion. Alright I hear someone say the fine film finish-full F-word too! Don't you think so? that these things run the world?
I live in India and nowadays, it is highly irritating when I see, the loyalty or conditioning of one segment being forced upon others. This happens more often in the rural or semi urban areas. Of course, in the metros or big cities life is too busy even to bother about anything, but it still happens in different ways. Leave alone the horrible stray incidents that get reported or those that go unnoticed;- Pickpockets, eve teasers, swindlers, hooliganism [girls too!], accidents, mob justice or the bandh [ a felony in the US if essential services are stopped, but in India we "manage it"] Ya, we Indians are always somehow in time! But the most horrible acts we see are done in the name of religion or what I choose to call as a belief system. Now, If you have paused, do you agree or disagree conceptually? We may disagree with specifics being countries apart, but conceptually I think we normal world citizens are all in the same boat - be it Mumbai blasts, 9/11 or pearl harbour or the ghastly Sandy school attack [not of nature but man made]. Or still better I would call these power-blind sources as a scary Brand, having the power to endure time [centuries] and proliferate even in the absence of the original founders. Thus evolving, the brand of beliefs show the ability to adapt, adopt and follow the course as set by the followers in-charge. These brands are not just a promise Mr.Landor, they are power, absolute power. Therefore, what do we see? a majority submitting to its promise or purpose or "Payasam" [pudding in Tamil], millions suffering in silence, billions adopting and a few thousands rebelling against such acts or thoughts :-) !
I am sure if you have read this far, you must be a rebel with individual thinking like me.
In order to show how absurd things can get, let us also imagine a few possible but insipid things, alright... lets say the heart-eye tearing topic trending in the news are the words [brand names].. 'Bangalore' and 'Milk'! You have heard of these words before, but never in the wildest dreams did you ever imagine that these words could shut down an entire city or a state!
Supposing, one can starts to wonder: where is this Bangalore? or Who is this Bangalore? What is this Milk? Why are Bangalore and Milk creating so many problems around the world? OMG, :-) shot out of the blue in a literal sense, these questions look stupid if not mad. But they will make perfect sense if we put, three harsh conditions, like:
1. Only one road goes to Bangalore. Which means bloody hell, you cannot reach Bangalore by any other road or ways. Traitors, criminals, bastards and idiots try other ways to reach Bangalore, and now here comes the topper.. if you ever attempt you will be punished or killed. My way only way. One way ticket is enough for our circle world.
2. There is only One Cow's lactose and it is called "Milk". I will drink only "Milk" in "glass tumbler", I will not drink things like Lait' or Pal or Dudh, even I will say no to "Milk" if it comes in a bowl, its not proper to do so. Trying to copy or steal our Milk? dam you infidel!
3. Only ONE, only one..only one thing, only one way.. only One country ..one person..one book, only one method..only one carpet.. only one Teacher...Only one Mother ..other women are not mothers.. lolzz.. only one Time in 7000 years.. yes Sir the wizards said only once in history..
Obviously when brand conditioning is systematized on the masses two things happen: 1. The respective Pavlovian segments adopt and abide by it, in the true sense and 2. The Osho type segments refuse to adopt, adapt or do anything given by others and choose either variety or nothing.
I mean one should be extremely stupid for not perceiving that history and language are two subjects that can beat maths, medical or war science hands down down to slavery! 

Either ways it is mass conditioning that becomes the root cause of all social irritations and evils. Now ask a key question - who is pulling the strings? one person or two? or too many?  
Intelligence binds itself . People by people, leaders by leaders, people by leaders and leaders by people. All done. Nicely done. Neat. Now, they want to also stop pollution and save the planet. Its like the guy who went pissing all over the pub, only to lose the second bet in order to win the first one! Who is winning? and finally what?
Conditionally bounded brilliance cannot see that it is the same 1 occurring four times in number 4. Even the universal Truth will look stupid when perceived by the Mind and its language. Exclusive investment or conditions limit or destroy intelligence by sustaining ignorance. Will the media expose this? do you have the guts to accept bitter truth? or tougher silent ways? To solve problems no need to step outside for a fight, instead, will the Leaders dare to step inside please? 
I heard William James and Zig Zigler mention that meditation decreases a lot of medication. 
Yes I am asking all the leaders in every segment to go and sit ‘inside’ for Meditation not outside for mediation. After all that has happened, you have nothing more to lose. The world or humanity has already lost the war! Just wondering who won? - the One!

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